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Agriculture is the main part of tanzania s economy. Land tenure reforms and investment in tanzania by suzana sylivester a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of arts economics of the university of dar es salaam university of dar es salaam september, 20. General rural development strategies for tanzania were outlined in the 1962 tanu pamphlet and two policy documents of 1967. In the process of implementation of the 1992 national population policy for a period of 10 years, some successes were registered and, in some areas, constraints were encountered. Tanzania, agriculture, policy research, factor market, product market. Language policy for education and development in tanzania. The role of agriculture in reducing poverty in tanzania. The united republic of tanzania 201617 annual agriculture sample survey initial report ministry of agriculture. October 2011 preface the tanzania agriculture and food security investment plan tafsip is an historic initiative that brings all stakeholders in the agricultural sector both in the mainland and in zanzibar to a common. It is bordered by kenya in the north and shares lake victoria with kenya and. However, new developments that have been taking place nationally and internationally have necessitated the revision of the 1992 national population policy.

In africa, tanzania is the second country after mauritius to have a policy on ageing. Fao commodity and trade policy research working paper no. Oct, 2007 tnrfs mission is to bring together diverse stakeholders and improve communication and understanding between them to secure consensus and better management of natural resources so that people are able to make a living and the resources are protected and made sustainable. It is aligned with mkukuta and the agriculture sector development programme and has a. Tanzania, challenges, rationale, aims, goal and objectives, links to other national policies and definition of selected gender concepts. Stakeholders in tanzania identify certification costs as the primary factor limiting the development of organic agriculture in the country. The united states was suspicious of tanzanias growing ties with communist china while on the other hand tanzania viewed the united states with less than. However, the country continues to face considerable development challenges, not least in essential areas such as economic distribution, population growth. The united republic of tanzania 2015 national bureau of.

Contract farmers will be supplied with requisite inputs as. Current and future challenges and opportunities in tanzania tanzania has undergone impressive political and economic developments and improvements in social welfare in recent years. Assessment of agricultural extension services in tanzania. The overall objective of this study was to assess practices of agricultural production, marketing and domestic trade policies in tanzania with reference to sesame sub sector in a selected best practice neighboring country, ethiopia. Most of the following links are to the tanzania online website. Agricultural policy analysis studies in tanzania african journals. Improving the contribution of agricultural research to. Current and future challenges and opportunities in tanzania. Policy congressional research service summary tanzania is an east african country comprising a union of tanganyika, the mainland territory, and the semiautonomous zanzibar archipelago.

Agricultural price and marketing policy in tanzania core. Tanzania policy brief organic window of opportunity. Fiscal policy issues for tanzania lse research online. Land is a vital asset in ensuring food security, and among the nine main food crops in tanzania are maize. The main shortfall in the national water policy of 1991 can be identified. After the launching of the agricultural sector development strategy asds i, 2001. The overall goal of the asds was to achieve an agricultural growth rate of at least 5 percent by 2007, with the five strategic areas of. The years 194676 cover the last fifteen years of colonial rule in tanganyika, and the first fifteen years of independence.

Fiscal policy issues for tanzania david l bevan, emeritus research fellow in economics, st johns college, university of oxford contact. The government of tanzania has launched a new agriculture development blueprint that is designed to guide the country as it seeks to attain middleincome status by 2025. Tanzanian rural development strategy is aimed at spreading the benefits of development, encouraging collective and cooperative forms of rural economic activity, and creating. National agriculture policy ministry of agriculture and. I would like to thank all stakeholders who in one way or another. New agriculture policy for tanzania horticultural news. There is very strong commitment to conservation and sustainable management of the. This document contains data and information from various statistical. Struggle no more,tanzania chamber of commerce,industry and agriculture aims at improving good governance to its members through better understanding of government policies and regulations, and. Tanzanias policy towards east germany resulted in strained relations with west germany. The mpango wa kuendeleza kilimo hai tanzania mkukihata national organic agriculture development programme for tanzania2 20092015 is a comprehensive programme for the development of the organic sector. I begin with an overview of language policy from colonization to the present, mapping out the relative. A case study of kyela, songea rural and morogoro rural districts elifadhili daniel internship report in plant sciences csa february 20 supervisors dr lammert bastiaans wageningen university and research centre crop systems analysis email.

National environmental policy 1997 tanzania natural. Smedp small and medium enterprises development policy tacaids tanzania commission for aids tbs tanzania bureau of standards tccia tanzania chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture tfda tanzania food and drug authority tfmp tanzania forest master plan tirdo tanzania industrial research development organization. Tanzania s main exports are sisal, raw cotton, coffee, and cloves. Taping export opportunities for horticulture products in. Tanzania public service, this checklist is a list of activities that these institutions need to doimplement so as to operationalise the various management standards developed for use in the public service to ensure efficient and effective service delivery. Policy options for tanzania despite tanzanias impressive economic performance, little has been registered in terms of poverty reduction in the country. Tnrfs mission is to bring together diverse stakeholders and improve communication and understanding between them to secure consensus and better management of natural resources so that people are able to make a living and the resources are protected and made sustainable.

Policies in united republic of tanzania global database. This is consistent with the evidence of agricultural sector growth following adjustment policies in tanzania in the mid1980s. Agricultural and livestock policy, 1997 tanzania online gateway. Assessment of policy coherence for development for food. For many years, tanzanias agricultural policies were based on government control of trade and production. The united states has long considered tanzania a partner in economic development and, increasingly, in regional security efforts. Tanzania in figures 2012 is the revised version from the previous booklets, which provides important demographic and socialeconomic data as well as numbers of statistical indicators on the united republic of tanzania. Vision, mission and objectives of the national agricultural policy. The agenda emphasized all nations to protect natural resources including water resources against pollution and conservation of the ecosystems. The results of that exercise are contained in two documents published by the ministry of agriculture the report of the task force itself, the tanzania national agricultural policy final report, dated october, 1982, and the official statement concerning future agricultural policies, the agricultural policy of tanzania, dated 31st. The need to have the national irrigation policy has been accorded in various government policies and strategies like tanzania development vision tdv2025 of 2000, national strategy for growth and reduction of poverty nsgrpmkukuta june 2005, millennium development goals mdgs 2002, national irrigation master plan nimp 2002, agricultural.

Tanzania continues to make progress in financial sector reforms, privatisation and in other areas. Background and current conditions congressional research service summary tanzania, an important u. Policies with bearing in the development of the agricultural sector 3. Continuity and transformation nina elizabethweaver, bphil. National land policy 1997 tanzania natural resource. This policy is the outcome of a collective responsibility and cooperation of many parties involved in its preparation. Overview of progress and policy challenges in tanzania please cite this chapter as. Overview of progress and policy challenges in tanzania oecd. The new policy, however, retains state ownership and control of wildlife resources. This marginalization will relegate tanzania to a mere supplier of raw materials, reducing her to a shopping mall for goods and services produced elsewhere in the world. Dodoma is the capital city and dar es salaam is the major commercial city. The development of the national agricultural policy comes against the background of the fact that since the national agriculture policy of 2004, the sector has been operating in context of rapid changes and evolving dynamics in policy and institutional environments at national, regional, continental and international levels.

Through the ncpa for most vulnerable children mohsw, 2008, the government of tanzania designed a multisectoral policy to deliver support to these children, including improved access to primary and secondary education. Review of national policies affecting the expansion and. The new policy extends the threshold of basic education which has been compulsory and fee free since 2001 when the primary education development program pedp was introduced to include secondary education. The general election held in october, 2015 brought to power his excellency dr.

The land policy in tanzania, which has been implemented since 1995, aims to resolve landuse problems. This study explored the implementation of land policy in rural tanzania. The united republic of tanzania ministry of health, community development, gender, elderly and children the national health policy 2017 sixth draft version for external consultations with ministries, departments and agencies date. Agricultural production has increased over the last two decades, mainly driven by maize, paddy, sugar cane. Continued state ownership and control of wildlife resources perpetuates the wildlifefirst. The government of the united republic of tanzania takes this opportunity to convey its gratitude to the global environment facility gef for providing financial support through the united nations environment programme unep. Chapter two is devoted to policy concerns on areas to be addressed. The agricultural sector development programme aims to double growth by catherine riungu. Economic policy objectives and challenges in tanzania roger nord disclaimer the views expressed in this presentation are those of the authors only, and the presence of them, or of links to them, on the imf website does not imply that the imf, its executive board, or its management endorses or shares the views expressed in the presentation. Changing agricultural policy in tanzania atnesa animal traction. Conclusion 19 annex 20 references 21 series on trade and food security food security. Pdf agricultural performance in tanzania under structural. Tanzanian development policies online hakikazi catalyst.

Doc policy making process in tanzania oscar lugumamu. Assessment of policy coherence for development for food security in tanzania tanzania food security profile ecdpm and esrf january 2015. Expanding agricultural production in tanzania scoping study for igc tanzania on the national panel surveys dr vincent leyaro, university of daressalaam professor oliver morrissey, university of nottingham april, 20 contents purpose and aims 1. A household perspective from rural kilimanjaro and ruvuma alexander sarris,1 sara savastano,2 and luc christiaensen3 june 2006 1 director, commodities and trade division, food and agriculture organization of the united nations. National agriculture policy 20 nap 20 revolves around the goals of developing an efficient, competitive and profitable agricultural industry that contributes to the improvement of the livelihoods of tanzanians and attainment of broad based economic growth and poverty alleviation. In february 2015, the government of tanzania launched a new education and training policy.

National agriculture policy of 20, all other related policies in the development of agriculture have been linked. Overview of progress and policy challenges in tanzania. Language policy for education and development in tanzania eleuthera sa swarthmore college abstract this paper examines language policy in tanzanian schools and its effect on education, equality and economic development. Oecd 20, overview of progress and policy challenges in tanzania. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. As of 2016, tanzania had over 44 million hectares of arable land with only 33 percent of this amount in cultivation.

Presidents office, regional administration and local governments, ministry of agriculture, natural resources. The main and overriding concern of the population policy is to enable tanzania achieve improved standard of living and quality of life of its people. Maize yield trends and agricultural policy in east africa. This policy is the second national agricultural policy which has been formulated in order to take into account the current trends and issues that have emerged in the agriculture sector as well as address the challenges that were observed during implementation of the 20042015 national agricultural policy nap. Executive summary this policy brief looks at the status and performance of exports of horticulture products. In order for the objectives of this policy to be realised, the ministry will develop strategies and implementation plans.

In seven countries, including tanzania, hpp is providing support to a south africabased regional organization african men for sexual and human rights amsher to build the capacity of local advocates and facilitate policy interventions to improve access to healthcare for msm. The government of tanzania recently adopted a new wildlife policy intended to better address the problems and obstacles that have plagued wildlife management in tanzania. The new agricultural policy in tanzania stipulates the need for the government to deliver. In case of any short comings in the implementation of the policy statements, the ministry will be ready to accommodate new ideas for its rectification. The policy study highlighted that the expensive certification, standardization and enforcement system in tanzania excludes a large group of potential organic farmers. Agricultural policy in tanzania at the crossroads sciencedirect. Tanzania agriculture and food security investment plan tafsip 3 tafsip main document. Impact on agricultural production, marketing and food security in tanzania 1 temu, a. Tanzania food, drugs and cosmetics control promotion regulations 2010, guidelines for use of nutrition and health claims cacgl 231997 2010 the tanzanian food, drugs and cosmetics iodated salt regulations, 2010. Though the privatisation process has been slow, tanzania enjoys some comparative advantages in the mining and tourism sectors that could attract international investors to boost the structural transformation process. Tanzania overview of progress and policy challenges in. On the tanzania mainland, no current legislative changes are proposed. Tanzanias environmental policy complies with the first three criteria. Global social aspects on land policy issues denys correll executive director international council on social welfare icsw co movisie netherlands centre for social development.

Important aspects of quality of life include good health and education, adequate food and housing, stable environment, equity, gender equality and security of. National organic agriculture development programme for. Tanzanias 2005 push to increase rice production by ambitious rural. The existence of a national policy on ageing is a new phenomenon to many countries tanzania being one of them. Policy implications of a scoping study in tanzania 1. The postindependence period 19611967 was marked by an.

The ujamaa based rural development effort of the tanzanian government is evaluated. Note that there are also some useful summaries of policies at. These factors call for a comprehensive policy, which will not only solve the immediate problems of ngos, but assist in the promotion and development of the ngos in tanzania. The agriculture sector in tanzania, which employs about.

Do we have supporting policies and institutional frameworks. Current issues and social aspects wednesday, 16 th september 2009 blue pearl hotel, ubungo, dar es salaam land on earth a limited resource. However, this policy reiterates and retains all the fundamental principals of ngos, that, is they are form, run developed or. At sector level efforts, the government of tanzania embarked the agricultural sector development strategy asds in 2001 to address the constraints and challenges in the sector in a holistic manner. There has been a gradual increase in political pluralism, but chama cha mapinduzi ccm, the. The years 194676 cover the last fifteen years of colonial rule in tanganyika, and the first fifteen. Usaid works closely with the government of tanzania to implement activities that promote increased trade, in addition to encouraging policies that provide an enabling environment for private sector investment in agriculture, create more consistent market policies, promote gender equity within the sector, improve total productivity, and enable the implementation of key nutritional interventions. John pombe joseph magufuli from chama cha mapinduzi ccm as the fifthpresident of the united republic of tanzania for the next fiveyear term. Under this strategy, agroindustries will use modern smallscale contract farmers to undertake the production and supply of agricultural raw materials required by them. Distortions to agricultural incentives in tanzania oliver morrissey and vincent leyaro credit, university of nottingham oliver. Ageing policy is not well implemented in the implementation process, as there is a gap between what the policy advocates and its practices on the ground. National population policy world health organization.

This policy represents a new turningpoint in the development of tanzania. Terms of reference and methodology the terms of reference for this project, agreed by the international growth centre, required us to. Almost 70 percent of the poor population live in rural areas, and almost all of them are involved in the farming sector. Specifically, this enquiry was intended to work on the following.

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