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As an avid linuxer, i was intrigued to see how i could use my linux system for packet radio. This website, which is hosted on sv2agws web site, focuses on support for the sound card packet features of agwpe. An ever expanding group of amateur radio operators are working together to use many vhf uhf radios to link multiple ham radio stations in a digital network for the purpose of having fun in a socialnetwork environment, built using ham radio infrastructure based on packet radio technology. Sequence for starting winlink vhf, always in this order. I am developing a software dualport packet radio tnc that uses a soundcard as a modem and supports ax. Listed under the software morse code decoders category that is about morse code decoders. The automatic position reporting system is a packet communication protocol used by amateur radio operators hams around the world, to report position, status, station capabilities, weather or other information in real time. Pocketpacket ios macos pocketpacket is a fullfeatured aprs client with a builtin tnc. Mrp40 is a powerful and highlyeffective ham radio software program that decodes received cw audio that has been fed to a computers sound card. This amateur radio web site explains how to use the agwpe utility program to send and receive packet using the sound card of your pc instead of a tnc. Data are sent in discrete bundles, called packets, which can be individually checked for integrity and acknowledged or naked, and processed, or routed on to somewhere else. Linux has natively supported the packet radio protocol, more formally known as ax. Current packet technology and software packet has changed dramatically over the last 35 years or more. What softwarehardware for the local station accessing a bbs.

Sound modem tnc for vhf packet in winlink express see. Windows 7810 on the signalink or radio gateway side and iphoneipad or android phonetablet app on the other end. Using a sound modem tnc for vhf packet in winlink express. Download here outpost is a windowsbased packet message client that lets you send and receive packet messages with almost any amateur radio bulletin board system bbs or tnc personal mail box. It has been tested on windows xp, vista, 7, 8, 10 and has proved stable in operation. There are two communication speeds that are used in packet radio. Packet radio lives on through open source software. Ham radio digital modes software list and descriptions. Vhf propagation map this map shows realtime radio propagation from stations operated near 144 mhz. It contains a gps receiver, vhf 1 watt transmitter, battery, and vhf antenna it is programmed via a usb serial cable. To get on packet, you will need, of course, a radio. This program is not fun or easy, but it does work 88% of the time. Sowohl modifizierte software, aber auch veranderte sendefrequenzen werden zurzeit im rahmen des projekts hamnet ausprobiert. Vara fm is for use on vhf uhf such as 2 m and 70 cm.

Despite its age, amateur radio operators continue to use and develop packet radio today. You dont want to use the vox on a radio for packet, its too slow. Some software can use a soundcard to send packets over hf frequencies to allow users send and receive email and other packet messages over the winlink system. Packet radio beginners guide and the packetradio operators. Packetradio ist ein preisgunstiges verfahren zur datenubertragung per funk. For transmitting cw, the program encodes keystrokes from the computers keyboard. The winlink radio email system and software are built, maintained and supported entirely. A packet radio station consists of a 2 meter radio, a terminal node controller tnc, basically a modem for your radio, a computer running some type of communications software be it written for packet or as simple as a old telephone modem program like telex, and connecting cables. Enter your email address to subscribe to packet radio. Kenwood tm2550, tm7950, tm7800, are perfectly fine packet radios and are 25 watts output or better. Packet radio is a digital radio communications mode used to send packets of data. Packet radio is an open standard, supported by multiple vendors. Newer versions of packet software are getting hard to come by for the newer operating system due to the decline in popularity of packet radio in general.

This makes it ideal for access to the packet bbs network from anywhere in santa clara county. This document explains the process of connecting and configuring my station, k0yds, for vhf packet digital communications using the tigertronix signalink usb soundcard tncmodem and the winlink express software program from the winlink organization. Software for packet radio use category is a curation of 32 web resources on, winafsk, linpac packet radio terminal, uiss windows packet program. Use one of your serial ports to key the transmitter or build a simple vox circuit that will respond fast enough for packet. Packet radio mit soundkarte aprs, satellitenfunk, winlink teil 2. Packet radio primer inland empire vhf radio amateurs club. Packet radio uses packet switching to transmit datagrams. On hf, it tends to be 300bps, while some uhf links run at 9600 or even faster. It uses data gathered by automatic packet reporting systeminternet service aprsis from packet stations in the amateur radio service. Software for packet radio use category is a curation of 32 web resources on, uiss windows packet program, packetcluster dx statistics, winafsk. Fbb utilities the latest and greatest set of nk3t utilities for use with the fbb bbs system. Recently, i came back to the hobby and decided to explore an area of amateur radio that didnt exist in my teen yearsdigital packet radio. Winlink express 2m packet signalink usb denver ares.

The packet allocation for the band mixed mode segment is 432. Rxclus rxclus is a free windows amateur radio software especially designed for the dxers and swls wanting to receive the informations transmitted by packet radio on the dxcluster system. Rms radio mail server packet is software intended for wl2k vhf uhf applications. This is the best packet program out there if you are running windows 95 and above. Rms express supports a wide selection of tncs and multimode controllers, the new sound card mode winmor, as well as support for hf pactor, scs robust packet, vhf uhf packet and direct telnet to wl2k cms servers for amateur radio high speed multimedia hsmm, dstar dd mode, or internet.

The second speed is the onair or radio vhf baudrate. Higher speeds are available for use in the vhf, uhf, and especially. This is very similar to how packets of data are transferred between nodes on the internet. Make sure to select packet winlink from open session dropdown box use vfo to set frequency, do not set it to a memory channel set frequency to the gateway station frequency, indicated in the channel selection list keep messages short. This amateur radio website explains how to use the free agwpe utility program to send and receive packet data using the sound card of your pc. This software supports a vhf uhf packet radio gateway station to the wl2k system. Using a sound modem tnc for vhf packet in winlink express video howto. Outpost pmm is an automated packet radio program was developed primarily for emergency communications support but works great for every day hf and vhf packet operation with lots of automated features for polling one or many bbss on a schedule and uploadingdownloading message and bulletins. The decoded text is displayed on the computers monitor. This causes the netrom routing software to choose routes to distant nodes that.

Rms packet stations are part of the worldwide network of participating gateway stations, and they provide automated messaging capability to the wireless amateur user using ax. Configuration for hf winmor digital communication will be described in a future page. May 18, 2017 the last couple amateur radio club spotlights that i have done, i have noticed that they have an active packet radio network with their club. Eth005 vhfuhf packet everything ham radio blog and podcast. It is efficient for low bandwidth, lossy environments, such as vhf uhf radio.

Anybody at all familiar with digital communications, will know of packets. Used 2way or ham radio equipment is particularly applicable to packet radio. Most packet happens on 2m, but some happens on uhf and even down to 40m as well. Mrp40 is a powerful and highlyeffective ham radio software program that decodes received. Packet radio is an amateur radio technology from the early 1980s that sends data between computers.

Agwpe is widely accepted in the amateur radio packet software community and is a tool that provides a standard interface between packet radio software and associated hardware. Soundmodem is compatible with all programs that work with the agw packet engine agwpe. A linux packet station can be used for mail, chat, and tcpip. Sound modem tnc for vhf packet in winlink express see new. Fbb packetradio bbs fbb is a bulletin board software for amateur packetradio. Windows for the end user is the easiest for installing the tcpip over ax. Agw packet driver sv2agw packet radio driver, runs tcpip protocol over radio, support windows 9598nt and several devices like baycom and, e5dxl 9600 g3ruh compatible modems, drsi and sound cards by sv2agw george rossopoulos. It can be copied or installed only for noncommercial use abiding by the laws. Linux packet stations can be used for mail, chat, and even sending messages long distances via the international space station. I was on a limited budget, and wanted to get started without investing in a lot of hardware and software. A used ham radio which is missing the critical ctcss pl tone generator is nearly useless for repeater operation but is very usable for packet radio.

It can also be used with other software for aprs, bbs, satellite packet, and regular packet work. The soundmodem has two tcpip interfaces to link with client application. It really surprised me because when i got my license back in about 1995, packet radio was pretty big and there were things like rosenet, texnet and several other networks that had a big span to them. Zello is a popular walkie talkie pushtotalk roip voip program app that lets you establish a voice link between a two way radio and a telephone, tablet or pc. It is necessary that each new packeteer be aware of the meaning of each speed, and the relationship to hisher packet station.

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