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Mtr system map for train trip planner tml phase 1 version. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in hong kong city. It has unique geological, ecological and cultural relics. Large hong kong city maps for free download and print. Hong kong unesco global geopark will thrive to display to the world its natural conservation results which hong kong people are proud of. The hong kong unesco global geopark is a single entity and comprises of the sai kung volcanic rock region and northeast new territories sedimentary rock region, which showcase the important geological themes of igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks respectively. Maybe an easy way is to join some of those boat tours. The enlistment of hong kong unesco global geopark provides momentum for local nature conservation and sustainable tourism in the future. Explore hong kong s natural playground just a short hop from the city. Detailed and highresolution maps of hong kong city, hong kong for free download. Deserted beaches hike sai kung east country park dragons back hike shek o country park geopark hiking tour. Seminar on geopark, conservation and sustainable development 24 june 2011. Hong kong united nations educational, scientific and. Myriad splendours activities of china global geoparks.

Pdf using tourism carrying capacity to strengthen unesco. Geopark limited 2020 annual general meeting will be held on may 7, 2020 in hamilton, bermuda at 10. In order to conserve and promote these precious heritages, the villagers, the agriculture, fisheries and conservation department and the lions nature education foundation have teamed up to start the establishment of. Geopark is a leading independent latin oil and gas company with oil and gas assets in chile, colombia, brazil, peru and argentina. Hong kong unesco global geopark of china 2015 annual report. Pdf geology of the hong kong national geopark researchgate. The hong kong national geopark in the northeast of hong kong is underpinned by a landscape of unparalleled beauty formed from rocks spanning over 400 million years of geological history. Hong kong geopark tour sai kungs volcanic rock region. Hong kong geopark is under the management of the agriculture, fisheries and conservation department 2015, 2015 wax h kong global geopark of china was successfully revalidated as a global geopark and a member of the ggn. Unepmappap 1997, which correspond, respectively, to. Hong kong unesco global geopark geotourism magazine new edition. In 2009, hong kong geopark became a national geopark, in 2011, it was accepted as a member of the global geoparks. Hong kong global geopark of china 2014 annual report. Hk chinesisch, pinyin xianggang, jyutping hoeng1gong2, yale.

With the formalisation of the new label wnesco giobal geopare hong. Ap chau is an important geosite of the hong kong unesco global geopark. Hong kong unesco global geopark hong kong tourism board. Geoparks in the world haute provence geopark, chapada diamantina geopark, hong kong geopark, lesvos petrified forest geopark, copper coast geopark and geopark naturtejo.

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