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Zanza and meyneths true selves are individually baseline low 2c, but zanza using both monados is even stronger than that, with shulk being above zanza. Ive stated how many times in other threads like this one. And when it comes down to it goku is a rip off of superman. Nice to see another match with this version of jiren. Goku vs superman is probably one of the most argued uber hero vs uber hero. Goku vs superman flipbook animation goku vs superman. Goku vs superman epic flipbook animation by etoilec1.

Nov 21, 2015 superman from the original golden age comics by jerry siegel and joe shuster and only from them. And while superman may not be taking advantage of his more godlike abilities, but its still fun to watch him slug the hulk and vice versa. There is good reason to match these characters up because of their similarities and huge differences, differences that already determines the winner. We had fun with goku s many transformations that constantly forced superman to kick things up and the dialogue was hilarious. Nov 07, 2016 lol why over the years when it comes to superman vs goku ive read so many post where post crisis superman could barley take on ssj2 goku. Goku vs shulk rematch grace vs battles wiki fandom. Combining new 52 superman and post crisis supes into one character vs a canon goku seems fair to me i expected for screwattack to do such a lame move by cashing in on the ssg transformation when. Discussion in jokers funhouse off topic started by darkerusaelp, jul 19, 2015.

Dbz fans if superman wins dbs rematch vs superman fans if. Ok read a lot of the comments first of all batman thts all on tht lol. This is also sharakus first death battle start from scratch episode. See more ideas about goku vs superman, goku vs and goku. Super saiyan level 4 goku the next five rounds are movie superman fighting the same list. Superman prime 1,000,000 vs ssj god goku universal sb february 9, 2017 where do you get the idea of four galaxies in dbverse. Goku vs superman 2 rematch death battle screwattack live reaction. Oh god dont get me started on goku vs superman i like to think i have a lot of knowledge about dbz and on superman.

And well ki defence off, goku would get one shot by superman. Superman when is trying he could shatter small planets, when goku is trying he hits at the same level. Told you ive come for a rematch, batman had notice that some is coming at him too. Who will be the winner animations goku vs superman kids games heroes. Firstly they massively lowballed goku s stats and secondly the main argument theyve used is that goku has limits whereas superman does not. Being capable of destroying planet with single finger touch is a decent gap compared to new 52 superman. With all the kryptonite collected together on the other side of the vault, superman was able to get to his feet and retreat further away. Goku has the versatility edge due to it, but vegeta spent years training and sparring with goku so im sure hes used to it by now. Goku appears in front of the weakend superman and knees him the stomach causing superman to cuff up blood. However, superman can beat goku in a pure hand fight. Beerus stated there were 12 universes, so they live in a multiverse.

Worse still, the effects of the kryptonite were hindering both supermans regenerative powers and his normal invulnerability factor. Superman vs goku flipbook animation part 2 youtube. Animemanga vs comic books themed dbxs, dragon ball vs dc comics themed dbxs, whatif. So, superman would be completely eclipsed by goku when talking about conventional warfare. Dragon ball goku vs superman flash play free flash games.

Alrighty guys it is qaaman here today and in todays video i am joined by duct4pe and mike from lsm and we discuss the rematch between. Goku evaded and rolled away from his opponents strikes. Goku vs superman epic flipbook animation by etoilec1 original. Superman blocked goku s attacks,you again superman said. The possessed super saiyan god goku pop vinyl figure is a possessed toy modeled after the character son goku from the dragon ball anime and manga franchise. The epic battle between legendary son goku and the famous superman is back on wattpad. Superman flipbook animation will rock your world november 23, 2015 considering were in a golden age of animation, rarely does a flip book cartoon come along and make you go holy mother of all that is holy, this is amazing. Number one goku doesnt know anything about superman. But he was far from being on the same level as the saiyan in terms of fighting technique. Lets say he is, then goku could absorb the energy and use it as his own. How goku vs superman rematch should have ended chapter 1.

Goku was primarily inspired by the monkey king sun wukong from the chinese novel journey to. Why fantastic four could introduce marvels next major villain l. That is, until goku derped and shot superman into the sun not the first time he used that strategy, keep in mind. Superman is a respected superhero from the dc comics. Goku vs superman, metal bands, dragon ball, comic books, comics, funny, artwork, design, art work.

Just to point out, shulk is actually well above baseline low 2c, though not to the same extent goku is. He fought goku in an episode of death battle and its rematch and then against saitama in the third season finale of one minute melee. Superman is a dc comics property originally created by. An easy to pick on example of goku vs superman and all of their dispositions aside one huge element is they set forth goku can resist the same amount of force as he can put out and then they casually admit goku could have blown up the sun but superman s punch that could only break a. So in conclusion, goku is faster than superman on earth while at top form on a sunny day. Requested by taz 2269 and daniel flores, heres our reaction to the death battle between goku and superman.

West, about which super alien could beat the other in a fight to the death. It took goku no effort at all to speed around the bank vault collecting the pieces of kryptonite. Goku is brought to the dc universe to fight against superman. Goku vs superman is not a game but just an animation featuring two of the most popular superheroes up against each other. Podcast for kids nfb radio 101 sermon podcast backstage opera for iphoneipod pauping off all steak no sizzle podcast church of the oranges. There have been few villains in cinematic history as big and important as thanos in the marvel cinematic universe. Superman is fighting the great saiyan in 10 rounds. Footage is from the death battle video if you like dragon. Suddenly superman felt the air ionize as another energy attack surged forth from goku s hands. I can see goku taking this, but then again, this version of goku has. Goku vs superman death battle rematch forneverworld raaage. And of course theres still going to be the to be continued thing and it still takes place right after the ryu vs goku thing. Superman returns was the most predictable movie in the. This had a couple quips, a comment about blue hair, and then superman lets himself get knocked about before casually walking through goku s most powerful attack and.

He has a shot at winning if superman restrains himself too much and lets goku hurt him. Goku waited for the kryptonian to crawl back out of the hole he had knocked superman through before his next attack. Masakox returns to voice goku and its justsomerandomguy returns to voice superman. The last death battle of goku vs superman was just a video to confirm the belief of superman and in general superhero lovers, and to make dragon ball z fanboys show their primal side. Whether superman is pure of heart is a debate for another time. Also note, shulk does lead with monado purge and his precognition is on an omnipresent scale. If super cyan god and given the year gap since the bog film, then goku legitimately stands a chance of fairly winning in a straight up fight. This time it reminded superman of some of the harder hits hes taken. The one he had brought to earth to kill superman would never do that. They have manga, those books are thicker so should deal more damage than. Flip book animation coub the biggest video meme platform.

Id kill to see greg capullo draw guts from beserk or something. We see a lot of anime styled western heroes but we often dont see more comic book artists draw anime characters. When goku fights hes shown to easily take this level of strength and tanks far more punches at this level during a fight than supes does. Superman is invincible, and as much as goku can train, hell need some cunning and skill to defeat superman. Superman vs goku super saiyan dios dragon ball z crossover 11 x. Anyways, bog arc goku is very high into 3a unlike to jiren chou. The dark knight crouched low and slowly rose up as he backed superman s alter ego up, finishing by sweeping clarks arms away and smashing his face with a wicked crossing right, then kicking the offbalance man in the chest. The characters goku, krillin, number 18, gohan, goten, trunks, gotenks, and piccolo as well as the namek race are the original creations of akira toriyama. Thor vs superman colored by witalobdesign on deviantart. Goku goku vs jiren goku games goku cartoon goku vs vegeta goku black goku wallpapers goku super saiyan goku vs superman goku drawing goku pics gokuism goku super saiyan 4 goku super saiyan god goku vs frieza goku ultra instinct wallpaper goku super saiyan 3 goku new form goku all forms goku and vegeta goku age goku and chichi goku and vegeta fusion goku all super saiyan goku anime goku and. Then to top it off goku completely outclasses superman in fighting skill.

Goku has the advantage ap and can get victory via raw ap medaka blitz, ftl vs sub rela so the attack of goku will not be useful, to add that with auto pilot and its reaction as well as its capacity completely erased its presence, goku will never be able to touch her. The man of steel crashed through the street, breaking the pavement apart, to fall down into a metropolis subway tunnel. Goku vs superman is the 25th episode and season 1 finale of death battle, featuring son goku from the dragon ball series and superman from dc comics in a battle between the worldfamous alien protectors of earth. Goku vs superman death battle rematch forneverworld. Lobo vs sabretooth by nleroy01 on deviantart mondays middle card fightmiddle card are fights requested by cbm users. Superman fighting games superman vs goku come play the best superman fighting games where you can play this animation of a epic fight between goku from dragon ball and superman the view more. Goku beat up superman that badly without even going super sayan. Goku and vegeta vs superman and batman dbx fanon wikia.

Superman had truly improved his fighting style, not attempting to use brawler moves against a martial artist of goku s caliber. If super saiyan god then i dont see goku winning this very easily. Goku ultra instinct vs jiren dragon ball super flipbook animation duration. Which by the way will be live on there twitch account on july 18th at 8pm eastern. Any super saiyan goku is stronger than superman people constantly put down ssj 1 goku vs superman, or even. Scores thoughts on death battle goku vs superman rematch. Jul 09, 2014 the big comic book question always seems to be who would win in a fight between superman and batman, but i think thats a silly question. His power would be unlike anything ever seen this wouldnt be necessary as gokus power would be more than enough to deal with superman. Goku was voiced by lawrence simpson masakox and superman was voiced by michael agrusso itsjustsomerandomguy. There were a lot of things wrong with the goku vs superman analysis in both videos. So i was watching the live stream of screw attacks goku vs superman rematch.

Goku vs superman theme from screwattacks death battle the synthetic. Es mas, a este ultimo lo hemos visto afectado por situaciones bastante cotidianas como bofetadas, golpes en las espadas y tal. Man thing vs solomon grundy by gagex07 on deviantart tuesdays main event fightthe main event fight pits the winner of the previous main event with the winner of the previous middle card. It is fun to see them fight each other and i am sure you would not want to miss out on this opportunity. Superman is a dc comics property originally created by jerry siegel and joe shuster. Make games, stories and interactive art with scratch. Aug 24, 20 and btw goku could kick supermans ass anyday its been scientifically proven because goku is just stronger due to all of his power ups and also continues to get stronger whilst superman stays the same meaning same strength, same height, and same good looks but in reality super would lose to goku its just how it is and me being equally tied to. He serves as an antagonist in a commercial for the pop figurines on, which showed in the death battle episode kirby vs. Goku vs superman, the fight that this is rematching is one of sharakus favorite db episodes. This is the first time that sharaku and link are hosts. There are many forums and portraits conveying the huge debate on who would win in a battle between goku and superman.

Goku vs superman 2 is the 50th episode of death battle. Tried vs ing black against jiren chou a couple of days ago, jiren got stomped hard. They also stated that no matter how hard goku trained he would never ever be able to surpass superman. You may be looking for the rematch between goku and superman.

Goku vs superman you can support me for free on utip. First of all none of those screw attack fans can say ssj2 is the same as base form are you crazy anyway goku on a whole if you go for anime or manga goku destroys superman in speed strength durability take your pick hes just better overall and thats base form never mind his other multiple forms that stacks his already universe destroying base form. Goku and vegeta finally get their long awaited rematch but. So this fight is at least a little bit more fair than death battle made it out to be. Nor had he ever encountered another tactical genius of this level. Goku vs superman 2 is the 50th episode of death battle, featuring son goku from the dragon ball series and superman from dc comics in a sequel to the season 1 finale. Goku smashed superman down to the planet with an overhead strike between kalels shoulder blades. One of the biggest debates that merges the worlds of comic books and anime is who would win in a fight to the death between dragon balls goku and dc comics superman. Watch the death battle before it hits youtube as a rooster teeth sponsor. Goku ultra instinct vs jiren dragon ball super flipbook.

Before superman could attack goku grabs him by the neck and snaps it killing the man of steel. Pictures, vid clips, knowledge of episodes would be gr. The project isnt finished habjan says we can expect the third part of the fight soon so well have to wait a bit longer to see where he. Goku whoops on superman while eating a bucket of chicken and texting while driving. I wish you knew im talking about physical fight gap between buutenks vs gohan, frieza vs ss goku, trunks vs frieza. Jul 19, 2015 scores thoughts on death battle goku vs superman rematch so the rematch finally came out, i gotta say the video was very impressive. Superman might win the first time but knowing goku is a sayian an whenever a sayian is defeated they cum back stronger every time, ther bodys can learn from past fights an grow stronger because of it, plus goku is now a sayian god an can fight in space but as far as a winner both wld fight an then stop jst to test. Who do you think will win the goku vs superman rematch. Its one of the millions of unique, usergenerated 3d experiences created on roblox. By hugo maximiliano cadiz goku vs superman, dragon ball, comic book. Not dragon ball z, not dragon ball gt, not dragon ball super, not the movies only goku from the dragon ball anime series and correlated chapters of the manga. These similarities are what sparked an endless debate of east vs. Goku then picks up supermns body and carries it to earth. Goku tried to block but superman grabbed goku s arm and flung him aside like a rag doll.

Death battle s 02 e 25 goku vs superman 2 recap tv tropes. Superman vs goku death battle round 2 results superman. I think every winner is determined by marketing decisions. Dbz fans if superman wins dbs rematch vs superman fans if goku wins the rematch. I have my own website dedicated to this mythical fight and i am looking for people that know a lot about dragonball.

Do you imagine a combat between goku supersaiyan 3 and superman. Play this animation of a epic fight between goku from dragon ball and superman the super hero. Goku has energy absorption, but it doesnt amp him so its not gonna be overwhelming but might be useful nonetheless. How to make a flip book animation so fun and simple.

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